The Hydropathes


Le club des Hydropathes" was a literary club at the end of the 19th century well known for its epicurean good manners. We are craftsmen who like to cultivate the art of eating and drinking well.

Here you will find a "hand-made" cuisine based on fresh and local products. Cooking with the love of the beautiful ordinary during the week, the refusal of boredom on weekends.

The Bar

A visit to The Hydropathes necessarily implies a moment at the bar. This place of life, discovery and exchange where you come to savour more than just get drunk. Here too, the emphasis is placed on traditional craftsmanship, between local actors and home-made creations.

You will find here the result of several reflections, between maceration, fermentation and other inspirations found in Dame Jeanne.

Coming from a family of restaurateurs, we are 3 kids with Epicurean roots, driven by the same passion. After having followed the same training in the culinary, table and service arts, we embark on this wonderful adventure that is the hotel and restaurant business.

Hydropaths being bon vivants, we quickly identified with them and decided to create a place in their image.

Notre Histoire ...


Léon Gastal left Paris and his 2 hotels to go in Auvergne where he met Marie Fraisse who then lived with her sister Elisa and her brother-in-law Maurice Chardonnal.


The quartet left Pinols to get closer to the city, they moved to Vieille-Brioude with the project of building a new hotel.


Inauguration of the Hotel Les Glycines after two years of construction.


Daughter of Elisa and Maurice, Viviane Chardonnal takes over the Hotel Restaurant at the age of 20.


Viviane enlarged the ground floor by building a covered terrace and renovated the rooms the same year.


Now it's the turn of the kitchen to expand. In parallel with a new construction project: the Artémis Hotel. Supervised by Pierre Bioud, her husband.


L’eau à bien coulée sous le pont de Vieille Brioude, la 3ème généra on est là...

Notre Philosophie ...

Passionnés amoureux d’une cuisine spontanée, de vin typique et de moments sans artifices, nos partis pris nous guident sur différents sentiers.

La pensée va au respect du produit, de la terre à l’assiette, de l’esprit dans le verre...